What Happens if my General Family Sponsorship Petition is Denied?

Many United States citizens become permanent residents in Canada each and every year when they have relatives who are Canadian citizens or Canadian permanent residents to sponsor them. 

At the same time, many family sponsorship petitions are denied every single year. This is because they are very complex and difficult applications, and to qualify as a sponsor to bring your family to Canada you need to meet several very important and strict requirements.

For example:

You may not have been able to prove that you have the financial stability that is required for sponsoring family to Canada. When yo sponsor someone to Canada, you are responsible for them financially and need to prove to the government that you can support them.

You also must not be in prison, be bankrupt or be facing immigration difficulties on your own such as a removal order, also known as facing deportation from Canada.

There are strict requirements as to the relations between family members and who can sponsor whom to Canada. For example, you can sponsor your spouse, dependent child, brother, sister, nephew or niece as long as they are under the age of 19, unmarried and orphaned. You may also sponsor a relative if you have none of these relatives listed above, but it depends on certain circumstances.

How to appeal a family sponsorship denial

You could be eligible to appeal your family sponsorship application denial to the Canadian Immigration Adjudication Division. You will need to act very quickly, as you are only allowed to appeal your immigration refusal within 30 days of finding out you’ve been denied.

We are able to help you appeal! Please call us at the number at the top of this page or e-mail us. Act quickly for the best chance of success with your family sponsorship application appeal!