Becoming a Canadian Citizen

If you are thinking of becoming a Canadian citizen, this could be a very exciting time! Canadian citizenship offers so many benefits, even more benefits than being a permanent resident of Canada. For example, while permanent residents may leave and re-enter Canada as they wish, they still have to meet various residency requirements and must ensure that they keep their permanent resident status in good standing by abiding by the law and renewing their permanent resident card on time every five years. Canadian citizens enjoy more freedom, the ability to vote, a Canadian passport and numerous social benefits. Applying for Canadian Citizenship

As a result, many permanent residents eventually apply to become Canadian citizens. However, this is not an easy process, and there are a number of different requirements one will have to meet before they can apply.

Applying to become a Canadian citizen

Someone who wishes to become a Canadian citizen must first be a Canadian permanent resident who is over the age of 18.

As we previously mentioned, Canadian citizens do not need to meet a residency requirement in order to remain Canadian citizens. However, there is actually a type of residency requirement for permanent residents who wish to apply for Canadian citizenship. This is not the same type of residency requirement permanent residents must ordinarily meet, which is living in Canada for two years of every five. Instead, when you want to become a Canadian citizen you need to live in Canada for three of the four years before you apply, or 1095 days. However, if you were in Canada for some of this time but not as a person with permanent resident status, any of these days would be considered a half day, so you would need two of these days to count for one day spent in Canada towards this requirement.

In addition, a citizenship test, a language test and a citizenship oath are additional requirements needed for those who wish to apply for citizenship in Canada. Do you want to apply for citizenship? Contact us for an assessment of your case.