Canadian immigration lawyers in Chicago

Are you a United States citizen who wants to move to Canada, or come to Canada temporarily? Many United States citizens apply every single year to work in Canada, visit Canada, study in Canada or even to move to Canada permanently. Canadian Immigration Lawyer

But even if you are a United States citizen, it’s not easy to immigrate to Canada permanently or temporarily. Both the United States and Canada have increased their border security over the last decade, as well as made their immigration systems much more strict. As a result, the immigration process has become more complicated, and there are more requirements applicants must meet.

Immigration lawyers for Canada in Chicago and surrounding areas

There are two immigration categories when you want to immigrate to Canada or go to Canada. Permanent residency, which involves moving to Canada permanently. Permanent residency can also lead to Canadian citizenship after a certain amount of time.

The second category is temporary residency, which encompasses work visas or work permits, student visas or study permits, as well as temporary resident permits or visitor visas.

Which one of these types of immigration categories that suits you best depends on your personal situation and why you want to go to Canada, as well as whether or not you meet the specific requirements in place for each type of visa.

You may also be facing an immigration obstacle in Canada, such as being denied entry because of a criminal history. We can help with that as well – someone who has been denied entry to Canada does have options, but these options depend on your individual case.

Contact us for assistance! Our immigration law firm has been in business for over 15 years helping people immigrate to Canada and the United States either temporarily or permanently, even if they have obstacles or difficult circumstances standing in their way.