Why was I denied entry to the United States, was I flagged?

If you’ve been denied entry to the United States as a Canadian citizen, it may be because you are flagged in a sense. This is because Canada and the United States have signed an information sharing agreement, which grants the United States government and authorities more access to information on Canadians. So, if you have a previous immigration infraction or you have a criminal record, the United States will be able to access various Canadian databases and see what you’ve been up to. Entering The US with a Criminal Record

When you are criminally inadmissible to the United States you are unable to enter the country. If you’re deemed inadmissible because of a criminal record, you will not be allowed into the United States and will have to return to Canada.

But this does not mean you will never be allowed to come to the United States. In fact, there is a way you can temporarily overcome your inadmissibility.

United States waivers of inadmissibility

The United States waiver of inadmissibility is a special document that will allow you into the United States multiple times for a set amount of time – usually, about five years. Sometimes the waiver will be valid for less time, however.

In obtaining a United States waiver to overcome criminal inadmissibility, you are required to provide all of the information relevant to your criminal case to United States immigration authorities. The United States immigration authorities will then consider why you want to come to the United States, whether or not you pose a risk to the United States and how serious your criminal record is.

This application, while a worthwhile endeavor, takes many months to process. To avoid making errors that can result in an even longer processing time or worse – a denial – please contact our immigration law firm for help.