Can I enter Canada with a misdemeanor in my record?

Criminal inadmissibility is when someone has a criminal record in another country and as a result is denied entry to Canada. In other words, just because you’ve travelled all of the way to the Canadian border or port of entry doesn’t mean you will be let into the country – different factors are considered, a criminal record being one of them. Entering Canada with a Misdemeanor

Truthfully, some criminal records can get you denied entry to Canada despite the original infraction being quite small, seemingly insignificant or having occurred decades ago. Something that did not result in jail time, but instead a fine, could cause you to be denied entry to Canada. This includes having a misdemeanor on your criminal record.

But what can you do? There are options.

Entering Canada with a misdemeanor on your record

Someone who is criminally inadmissible to Canada has two options, and which one of those options is right for them depends on the specifics of their criminal record – namely, how old the offense is.

For offenses that are older than five years, you could apply for criminal rehabilitation. This is a lengthy process that will remove your criminal inadmissibility to Canada entirely, but it is not easy to do.

The second option, for offenses that are less than five years old, is applying for a Temporary Resident Permit. This will not remove your criminal inadmissibility to Canada permanently, but will rather overcome it for a certain amount of time.

Both of these options for overcoming your inadmissibility require a lot of supporting documents and information for the Canadian authorities. We have experience in helping people successfully overcome their reasons for inadmissibility to Canada and the United States. If you need help, contact us as soon as possible.