Entering the United States for business from Canada

Every year, thousands of Canadians enter the United States to attend business meetings and other business events on behalf of their Canadian companies. B1 Business Visitor Visa

But did you know that people who want to enter the United States for business purposes may need a business visa? This is not a work visa, or a regular visitor visa. It is the B1 business visitor visa.

To qualify for a B1 business visitor visa, you must be only engaging in allowed types of activities while in the United States.

What is allowed on a B1 business visitor visa

One of the most difficult components of the business visitor visa is demonstrating that you will be engaging in the allowed types of activities. This is difficult because it is sometimes unclear what kinds of activities are okay on a B1 business visitor visa, and what types of activities are not allowed, and that you must apply for a work permit for.

Some examples of activities that are allowed on a B1 business visitor visa include buying property in the United States, negotiating contracts in the United States, consulting with your associates in the United States, going to a business meeting, attending a conference or visiting a convention.

When you apply for your B1 business visitor visa you will need to demonstrate your reasons for going to the United States, that you have full-time employment with a foreign company for which you’ll be doing business on behalf of, and that you intend to return to Canada after your trip. A letter from the organization that invited you to the United States is also helpful.

Do you require a B1 business visitor visa? Our immigration law firm can help you obtain one, or determine if you need a work permit instead. Contact us at the phone number above for help!



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