Increasing Your Chances for Permanent Residence in Canada

Starting a new life in Canada can be very rewarding, as well as very challenging.  Since there are different paths to take that will lead you to permanent residence, you will have to figure out which direction is your best option to get approved.

Rather than trying to properly complete every legal step on your own, take advantage of the professional help that immigration lawyers offer.  Niren & Associates have been assisting individuals to move permanently to Canada for over 15 years, and know what is necessary to be successful.

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“I acquired the assistance from Niren & Associates regarding obtaining Permanent Resident status in Canada. The service was done in a timely manner with respect to my requests and questions. In the ten-month period (from the moment my application was submitted to its approval) I was answered promptly on every inquiry about the status of my application and was well informed on future steps.” – Ethan P.

Decide Which Canadian Immigration Category is Right for You

To apply for permanent resident status in Canada, you have different options depending on your goals.  You will need to qualify under at least one of the following immigration categories:

Permanent Residence: Canada’s “Green Card”

As a permanent resident, you are issued an immigrant visa called a Record of Landing by the Canadian government that allows you to live, work and study in Canada on a permanent basis. A Record of Landing will have an expiry date which means that you must actually enter Canada before the visa expires, otherwise you will lose your right to enter Canada as a permanent resident and you will have to apply all over again!

There is no such thing as a “Canadian Green Card”.  Rather, we call it a Permanent Resident Card but it essentially serves the same purpose as a US Green Card.

Our Chicago Immigration Legal Team Can Assist You to Obtain Permanent Residence

Since Canadian permanent residence is so desirable, many people enlist our immigration services to ensure that the application process is completed correctly.  With over 15 years in practice, our attorneys take you through each step, and work closely with you to maximize the potential of your unique case.

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