Looking for a Temporary Residence Visa for Canada?

Canada is a popular destination to visit for a variety of reasons:  for work, studying, or just a vacation.  Depending on your home country and your reason for coming to Canada temporarily, you will need to properly complete your application or you risk having your request delayed for months or even denied by Canadian immigration authorities.

Niren & Associates has submitted thousands of successful Canadian temporary residence visa applications, and can help you, too.  As our client, your case will be handled by experienced immigration lawyers who know all the challenges you will face, and how to overcome them.

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“I would like to thank Niren & Associates.  My son passed through the border this morning with no issues.  He only needed to present his passport and was not even required to pull in for a secondary inspection or supply any additional paperwork.  Whatever you did worked!”  – Tom D.

Your Options for Canadian Temporary Residence

There are three types of applications for visitors to Canada:

  • Visitor Visa:  Unless you are a citizen of a visa exempt country, you will require a visitor visa.
  • Study Permit:  If you are planning on studying in Canada,  a study permit is likely necessary.
  • Work Permit:  In most cases, if you are interested in temporary work in Canada, you will need a work permit.

Your Chances for an Approved Temporary Residence Visa are Increased with Professional Help

Our legal team has experience assisting people from around the world in their goals to work, study or simply visit Canada.  With over 14 years experience in Canadian immigration cases, we know the necessary steps to help get an application approved.

We guide you through the visa process such as:

  • explaining to a visa officer that your stay in Canada will be temporary
  • proving that you have ties to your home country
  • proving that you are able to financially support yourself during your visit

Our Immigration Attorneys for Chicago Can Help You Visit Canada

While it is possible to make all the arrangements on your own, we offer the opportunity to ensure that the process is done properly and efficiently.  In the event that you are requested to attend an interview, our team of lawyers can prepare you to convince immigration officers to approve your application.

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